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Protection Visualization

Open your crown chakra by chanting a 3-syllable OM (A-U-M) about 3 times, more if you would like.

While chanting, imagine a bubble or cloud of peace-filled light over your head, expanding in diameter (to about 6 feet).

Allow the bubble to grow in height and width, becoming egg-shaped as it stretches down to the ground, then contracts toward you,

surrounding you with a feeling of bliss and drawing all good feelings from inside you, enhacing them and

activating any blissful feelings that may be dormant or resting and using them to surround you with healthy energy,

blocking other's negativity and releasing any feelings you have that are not serving your highest good.

As the feeling intensifies, send gratitude to the universal love energy or diety of your choice

for this energy surrounding you, that will allow only good healthy feelings to get into your space and your aura.

It will block negativity and will not not allow any negativity to come near you; negative energy will bounce off this shield

and go up to a place where it will be recycled into good energy.

This shield will allow all the good feelings you have to remain with you, while allowing any negativity you have inside you

to float out through the skin of the egg/bubble and go to the place where it will be recycled into positive energy.

May the light, love and peace that created the world shine brightly within you and may you share your light, love and peace with the world.


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