Showing multiples sides and various angles, the box for this home organization kit was created specifically for a large chain store in the UK (note, Organisation is NOT a typo!).

Making sure the language and spelling were correct for the country selling products was only part of project. For this store, the UPC code had to be standard with other items sold in the store, requiring extensive research and testing on my part to make sure items in this project would be sellable once produced, shipped and on store shelves.

On the left are examples of box packaging I created. Using die-lines supplied by the vendor I placed appropriate graphics and text in the files and made 3D mockups for proofing before forwarding files to vendor for printing/construction.

On the left are samples of carded items for Dorman's Pulse FX product line. Each category in the line is represented by a different color

This sampling represents the kind of carded-packaging mockups that were done by the team I worked with for the many product lines carried by this corporation.

For some presentations a series of aisle violators and/or headers were also created (not shown) using the category colors. This helps to guide potential customers to items they want and need.


The "Emergency Flashlight and Tool Kit" photo shows 3 sides of the box that was created for this POP display item.

I worked closely with the product manager for this item to acquire appropriate text and with the photographer for custom photo for this "impulse sale" item.

Photo on left shows mockup samples of the design for a new product line in a sample plan-o-gram.

These items were created to assist the sales team when presenting the idea for this new product line to the buyer at a large national retailer.





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